A by-election demonstrates the power of coal in Australian politics

A little local election has brought out the most shameless pandering to an industry you’re ever likely to see, at least in a developed democracy.

And it’s a microcosm that explains why Australia will continue to drag the chain on global climate action.

In the seat of Upper Hunter, just over three hours north of Sydney, the truth about the dire economic future of coal and the facts about coal’s contribution to climate change are not merely ignored.

To mention these truths is twisted into a betrayal of working-class values…

For a year, I’ve been compiling a list of the clients that PR, media, advertising and marketing companies don’t want you to know about.

Because most communications agencies only talk about their work for the fun, high profile or super cool clients, ie: not fossil fuel companies.

Read the list at Comms4Climate.com

It is not perfect, as it is only from publicly available sources that can be verified, however it does give an indication of a few things….

Why we need climate champions in communications

If you missed former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull rip into News Corp’s Paul Kelly on Q&A recently, do yourself a favour and watch it.

He told the Australian’s Editor-at-large that his employer’s “campaign on climate denial.. has done enormous damage to the world, to the global need to address global warming.”

He implored Kelly to take a stand.

“How offensive, how biased, how destructive does it have to be, Paul, before you will say — one of our greatest writers and journalists — ‘It’s enough, I’m out of it’?”

No matter what you…

It’s a sad indictment on our society that consumers are now demanding that profit-making companies care about the future of the world, blah, blah, blah.

In the good old days, you could tell an outright lie about the health benefits of smoking or spread rumours that climate scientists were taking money from George Soros to exaggerate the risks of global warming.

Now you have to be a bit more sneaky and give the impression of being green without actually straight up lying.

Thankfully, we have greenwashing to help.

Does the company you’re working for spend 97% of its capital expanding…

There is a pandemic and our lives have changed. Many of us are experiencing hardship, anxiety and sickness.

But the pandemic and its economic consequences will fade. Human-caused global warming, however, will outlast us all.

And as the world keeps heating, Australia’s fossil fuel lobby is pushing harder than ever. Every crisis is an opportunity, and the big polluters are making hay while we’re distracted by COVID-19.

Despite the worst fire season in history and more mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, coal mining has been approved under Sydney’s water reservoir, the Federal Government has called for an…

How I achieved all my work goals in 2018 and how you can in 2019

Frustrated and unhappy about my work life, I knew it was time to take a different approach. At the beginning of 2018, I was blessed with two days in the country with nothing to do, so used that time to get serious about my planning. Those few hours allowed me to finally achieve things I had wanted for years. Here’s my tips for a successful 2019.

1 – Make a list

You have to start somewhere. Write down everything you’ve ever wanted, even the silly…

It was a last-minute decision 20 years ago. I was travelling in Queensland with my water-fearing mother and decided to book a quick side trip to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. When I got to the wharf, I saw the massive tourist boat I was booked on — with about 200 people on board. This was not the wilderness experience I was looking for.

Then, I saw a small diving boat with about 6 people at the end of the pier. I ran up and begged them to take me. They asked if I could scuba dive. …

How do you avoid making unethical decisions when there’s strong competing pressures and your organisational culture permits, or possibly even encourages behaviour that’s a bit risqué?

The Banking Royal Commission has given us some prime examples of decisions that have damaged reputations for years to come but those decisions have also been defended under the law. AMP’s former group general counsel, Brian Salter, has argued that changing an ‘independent and external’ review by law firm Clayton Utz 25 times did not constitute wrongdoing and was within agreed terms of reference. …

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